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A day and boarding school for students who want to grow, belong, and thrive in a welcoming academic community in Southern California. 

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  • World-class academic programs

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  • Modern high school campus

Our highly personalized & immersive approach

All parents want their children to be happy and successful. That’s what we want, too. Our private day and boarding high school in Pasadena fuses the best of the past with the best of the future. We’ve redesigned every aspect of the high school experience so that learning is highly individualized, totally immersive, and uniquely multicultural. 

Discover our Pasadena campus

Our modern new campus in Pasadena sets the standard for immersive learning, featuring tech-equipped academic facilities and collaboration spaces, cutting-edge science and design labs, and light-filled creative studios. After class, exceptional onsite recreational facilities include a fitness center, a pool, a soccer pitch, and a gym for students’ favorite team sports. 

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Words from our students

FAQs about EF Academy Pasadena

Want to know more? Here are answers to some common questions about our private day and boarding high school in California. 

  • Like most schools, our typical day combines a mix of classes, study sessions, and meals. But what sets us apart is the academic depth through intercultural exchange, one-to-one mentoring, and experiential learning opportunities. Research shows that two-thirds of a student’s academic performance is determined by factors outside of class. Students at EF Academy build essential skills for college through clubs, sports, study sessions, and other hands-on activities. 

  • The best way to learn is to roll up your sleeves and make your own discoveries — in and outside the classroom. We keep class sizes small (13 students on average) so students focus on building first-hand skills and knowledge through group projects that bring key concepts to life. Academic programs on campus also include AP Courses, advanced study courses, and our signature Innovation & Impact Program. 

  • College advising is built into every program at our private high school in Pasadena. Our University Advisors are deeply experienced college admissions professionals and know exactly what schools look for in applicants. From their first year, students meet one-on-one with their University Advisor for personalized guidance, application preparation help, and interview coaching. By focusing on core academic and personal development skills from day one of their high school experience, our students are prepared to best showcase their talents and skills when applying to colleges. 

  • A great education starts with great teachers. Over 90% of our faculty members have advanced degrees. Our teachers share their deep knowledge and real-world experience to inspire the best in students. Many have led successful professional careers in their subject areas and offer first-hand insight into how it really works in the industry. 

  • One of the advantages of joining clubs in high school is that students can explore activities they might not normally try and discover new interests. Events on campus include a Winter Formal, Arts Night, Culture Fair, Wellness Fair, and Prom. We also host activities like movie nights in the pool, s’mores making, dorm lounge karaoke, holiday cookie decorating, and more. 

  • Nothing matters more to us than our students' safety. Staff and faculty at EF Academy Pasadena receive extensive training regarding campus safety and student wellbeing. We employ an on-site professional 24/7 security team that monitors all activities and movement into and out of campus.