Staying open during COVID-19

How we’re keeping students safe and learning

Life and learning continue as usual at EF Academy. Our successfully implemented health and safety measures have made it possible to continue face-to-face learning and regular campus life activities, making our vibrant campus community the ideal environment for students to learn and grow into confident global changemakers.

Below is an overview of the current safety measures in place at EF Academy. We respond quickly to the evolving situation and changes to local government guidelines, always putting the health of our students first. Current students and their families are kept up to date on the latest information and protocols through communications from campus and from our local admissions offices.

On-campus protocols

We have significantly expanded health and safety measures across our campuses, including a complete redesign of our student intake protocols. The protocols help ensure incoming students have a safe arrival to campus while protecting students and staff who are already on campus.

Our on-site health provision is run by staff who are trained to care for students’ physical and emotional health and respond to medical emergencies. In the event of a student showing symptoms resembling those of COVID-19, strict processes are in place to ensure these instances are responded to immediately and efficiently. We are fulfilling the safety measures required by the respective local health authorities of our campuses and will continue to adapt our plan of action to the changing situation as needed.

You can find more details about our current health protocols below:

US Health Protocol

School year 21-22

UK Health Protocol

School year 21-22

Note: Protocols are subject to change to reflect changes in government guidelines.

Safe Learning Promise

Our Safe Learning Promise is our commitment to our families, students and their education. At EF Academy, every child will receive a formative high school education – no matter what.

We firmly believe that a global education with intercultural exposure at an early age provides future generations with the academic preparation and life skills needed to navigate the modern world. Our Safe Learning Promise encompasses health and wellness, academic, financial and family support to ensure students continue to benefit from the opportunities that come with studying abroad. At EF Academy, we are committed to supporting families on every step of this journey with us.

Read our full Safe Learning Promise.

EF Academy remains as committed as ever to delivering a world-class education to all students. Our staff and faculty will continue to do whatever is necessary to make sure our students fulfil their potential, feeling ready to embrace a future of global opportunities.

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