Day student tuition at EF Academy Oxford


Day students are increasingly finding appeal, especially for those living nearby or with more predictable family schedules. Students commute daily, accessing educational and extracurricular opportunities while enjoying the comforts of home each evening.



What's included

Academic support and tutoring

University advising

English as an additional language support

Materials and books

Breakfast, lunch and dinner (Monday to Friday)

Student life & activities fees


What's included

Domestic fall immersion trip

Welcome Days

Weekend activities & transportation

Laundry card

School related apps & tech support

Student clubs and sport activities

Additional fees

Enrollment fee


Application fee


Refundable security deposit


Exam fees:

IB Diploma


IB Certificates


The fine print

Notes for Weekend activities & transportation: Entrance fees and tickets are not included in weekend activities.

Student life and activities fee is a mandatory fee for all students. Application and enrollment fees are one-time fees.

The refundable security deposit is designed to address any unexpected costs or repairs and will be reimbursed to parents upon the completion of their students' studies.

Note for Exam fees: The exam fees are set after the students are enrolled in classes after add/drop. They are locked starting October 1st. If the student changes tracks there is not a refund from IB Diploma to Certificates because of prepaid fees and administration of the program. Advanced Placement exams will incur an additional fee.

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