Dream Bigger Scholarship

Enrollment deadline: 15th of February, 2023

Dare to dream bigger

EF Academy International Boarding Schools opens a world of opportunities for students by providing them with a transformational, international education abroad, thorough preparation for university and a future that knows no borders.

Enroll before February 15th to be eligible for the EF Academy Dream Bigger Scholarship

The scholarship is open to students enrolling at EF Academy in New York, Pasadena (CA) or Oxford by February 15, 2023. Tuition fees start at 49,500 GBP. Recipients will receive financial assistance of up to 7,000 USD or 5,700 GBP for the first academic year.  

This scholarship will be awarded to students based on both student profile and academic results. We hope that you apply and look forward to talking to you about your dream of attending our boarding schools.  

Limited number of scholarships available for enrollments before the 15th of February, 2023




classes to choose



student to staff ratio




Application details:

  • All incoming EF Academy students in grade 9, 10 or 11 who enrol by February 15, 2023.

  • No, the Dream Bigger scholarship is only available in the first year of enrollment.

Choose between three campuses

Live and learn at one of our campuses in optimal locations in the US and UK

New York

  • Programs: IB Diploma, US High School Diploma

  • 650+ Students from 60+ nationalities

  • Average class size: 13

  • 45 minutes from New York City center

Pasadena, California

  • Programs: US High School Diploma, Advanced Placements

  • 700 Students from 60+ nationalities

  • Average class size: 12

  • 30 minutes from Los Angeles


  • Programs: IB Diploma and A-Levels

  • 200 Students from 60+ nationalities

  • Average class size: 12

  • 50 minutes from London

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Studying at EF Academy

EF Academy offers students aged 13-19 a superior international education abroad.

Here's how:


Here are answers to some of the most common questions about our boarding schools abroad.

  • Confidence, independence, resilience, time-management, intercultural competency – these are just a few of the countless skills gained when studying at a high school in the US or Oxford. At EF Academy, students from over 60 countries live and learn together in small, discussion-based classes. Learning is taken beyond the classroom through experiential opportunities that help you understand subject material on a deeper level. And, with 24/7 personalized support and guidance on campus, you can create a home away from home and learn in a safe, structured community.

  • Like most high schools, our typical day combines a mix of classes, study sessions and meal breaks. But what sets us apart is the academic depth done through intercultural exchange, one-to-one mentoring and experiential learning opportunities. Research shows that 2/3 of a student’s academic performance is determined by factors outside of class. Our students’ use the after-school time to build essential skills for university through clubs, sports, study sessions and other hands-on activities.

  • Taking part in clubs, activities and sports is a great way for students to explore their interests, make friends and feel at home in the US and Oxford. In addition to after-school activities like Cheerleading, Music Club or Coding Club, we organize weekend trips to explore local attractions – such as going to see a Broadway show, surfing in California or visiting prestigious universities.

  • There are many touchpoints for support and guidance. Admissions Consultants walk families through the program and campus selection process. Each student is assigned a Pathway Manager who monitors their progress throughout the year, both academically and personally. Resident Advisors help students get acclimated to living independently in the residences. Teachers support students in class and during office hours and tutoring sessions. University advisors guide students with their university applications. This 360 support system means that students (and parents) always have someone to turn to whenever they need support.

  • Absolutely! Safety is the number one priority at EF Academy. Our faculty, staff and admissions teams are sensitive to what it means for parents to let their children study abroad. Everyone who works at our schools has been carefully trained, screened and interviewed for suitability in an international boarding school environment. Our campuses are secure and monitored by safety staff and security cameras 24/7. We also maintain a global communications network so there will always be someone parents can get in touch with, on campus or in their home country.

  • Our Admissions Consultants will be happy to schedule a personal consultation with you to tell you more about our high schools.