Calling all global changemakers

The future belongs to dreamers. Students who dream of changing the world deserve the chance to make those dreams come to life. No matter where you are, you are part of a global community.

Dream with us

The next generation of global changemakers is here. Meet some of the students with big dreams for the future and how they hope to make an impact.

The future needs you

Big dreams. Global perspectives. Ambition for change.

EF Academy prepares high school students to succeed in a truly globalized world.

Become a global changemaker

How do you turn a dream into reality? It requires change, and the best way to realize change is to plan for it.

Evaluate the situation

Plan the change

Be the change

Find your change

These resources will help you on your personal journey to turning your passion into a global mission.

EF Academyについて

EF Academyは、他では得られない最高の国際ボーディングスクールとしての高校教育を通して、生徒が優れた能力を養い、発揮できるよう育てます。75カ国以上からのクラスメートと一緒に勉強することで、将来世界に羽ばたくための扉を開けることができるでしょう。