Meet EF Academy's Global Changemakers

The future is shaped one small change at a time. Read stories of empowered young people from around the world who are following their passions and using their education to make a real impact in society.

Are you ready to take on the world?

Finding your passion through curiosity and becoming a "possibilist"

EF Academy alumnus Peter spent a year at our Oxford campus. Today, he studies Environmental Economics and Data Science at Berkeley and has shared with us why he thinks we should all engage with our local environment, and how curiosity is key for finding your passion.

Peter from Norway, EF Academy Oxford

Making a difference
by giving back to the community

Together with her New Jersey soccer team, 16 year old EF Academy New York student Abby decided to start a service program in order to give back to her community. The project not only helped people in need, but also made her soccer team even more close-knit than before.

Abby from the US, EF Academy New York

The nexus of fashion and sustainability

In 2018, EF Academy alumnus Linus started his blog "The Suitstainable Man" to write about his lifestyle and experience in London. Today, Linus is doing an LLM in Environmental Law at The Queen Mary University London, and his blog has evolved into a unique platform for menswear and sustainability. Read on to learn more about Linus' view on how fashion and sustainability are connected, and what you as a consumer can do to become more aware of your impact on the environment.

Linus from Hong Kong, EF Academy New York

Changing the world
through sports

By combining her passion for running with her wish to make a change in the world, 17 year old EF Academy New York student Viridiana from Mexico took part in a fundraiser that has raised over $800 million dollars.

Viridiana from Mexico, EF Academy New York

Cooking as a way
of making a difference

At just 16 years old, EF Academy New York student Vittoria published her own cookbook about Italian cuisine and lifestyle. Her project not only helped her own family during a challenging time, but also her community back in Tuscany. Vittoria's story proves that you are never too young to be a changemaker.

Vittoria from Italy, EF Academy New York

Connecting to the world through the written word

For 17 year old EF Academy alumna Sarah from Brazil, writing started out as a refuge – a safe space where she could connect with her emotions – and ended up becoming her way of connecting to the world. Last year she published her first novel and fulfilled her goal of becoming an author. The key message of Sarah’s book is that life is full of infinite possibilities worth exploring. During the writing process, Sarah learned a lot about perseverance, determination and herself.

Sarah from Brazil, EF Academy New York

Knitting to help the homeless

During their second year of studying the IB program at EF Academy Oxford, students Marie and Lotte from Norway decided to dedicate their CAS project to helping the homeless in Oxford. Using their creative skills, they came up with the plan to knit hats and scarves for the people who need them the most.

Marie and Lotte from Norway, EF Academy Oxford

Fighting period poverty in Bangladesh

When EF Academy New York student Nameeda learned of Foundation 21, an organization committed to fighting period poverty, she immediately became interested in helping out. By writing educational material, working on infographics and awareness posts for social media and encouraging people to help, Nameeda is contributing to making a real difference for the underprivileged communities of Bangladesh.

Nameeda from Bangladesh, EF Academy New York

Become a global changemaker

How do you turn a dream into reality? It requires change, and the best way to realize change is to plan for it.

Find your change

These resources will help you on your personal journey to turning your passion into a global mission.

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