Admissions open for 2023

Enroll before our deadline on November 14th to join us in January or September next year.

We are accepting applications from new students to join EF Academy next year. The deadline for enrollment is November 14th. Contact your local Admissions Consultant to take the first step towards transforming your high school education. 

Our community is thriving and, with the recent opening of our newest campus in Pasadena, California, offering even more students the opportunity to graduate with an international diploma and become global citizens. Our local admissions offices and personalized application process ensure that every student receives tailored advice on the academic pathway that best suits their goals, and that families are supported every step of the way.

At EF Academy, we look at more than just grades. During the admissions process, we also explore your interests and ambitions, your academic commitment and why you would like to join our school.

Speak to one of our Admissions Consultants to learn more about how you could study abroad next school year and start planning your international future. 

自信的开始你的EF Academy之旅

利用全家人可以参加的许多准备活动,自信地开始你的国际高中体验。我们的欢迎计划是一项专为新入学的学生及其家长准备的活动计划,他们甚至在抵达校园之前就开始为入读EF Academy做准备。


  • 与学校教师一起举办的入门网络研讨会

  • 与辅导员老师和大学升学指导老师的一对一会谈

  • 线下活动的邀请

  • 提升英语能力的支持与资源

  • 季度性校园新闻

  • 学生校报,其中有许多在读生的建议,可以很好帮助新生融入校园


US Welcome Plan

School year 22-23

UK Welcome Plan

School year 22-23