Bring a friend and qualify for a 5,000 USD scholarship at EF Academy Pasadena

Refer a friend to EF Academy and you'll both receive a 5,000 USD award toward your tuition fee.

How does it work?


Share this page to your friend

Remind them to enter your name upon registration.



They make a successful application to EF Academy.


Receive scholarship

You both will receive $1000 scholarship toward your tuition.

Sign up to qualify for a 1000 USD scholarship

Share this page to your friend and you'll both qualify for a 1,000 USD scholarship toward your tuition fee at EF Academy

Once successfully enrolled you will be eligible for a 1,000 USD award toward your tuition fees. Don't forget to ask your friend to mention your name! Referred student must be newly enrolled after January 1, 2023 at EF Academy. The total referral award cannot exceed the tuition fees. Contact us regarding tuition discounts for siblings.