Real-life learning—way beyond textbooks

The best way to learn is to roll up your sleeves and make your own discoveries—in and outside the classroom. We keep class sizes small so you can focus on building first-hand skills and knowledge through group projects that bring key concepts to life. You also tackle real challenges and find real solutions through field study and service learning.

Escape rooms to bring novels to life

Ms. Taryn Smith brings real-life learning into her English class by setting up an escape room with a survival theme when her class reads “Into Thin Air,” a book based on a disaster on Mr. Everest. The students become the rescue team that needs to solve clues using logical thinking and teamwork to help find the lost camper. This helps students delve deeper into the character's motives and the storyline in a tangible way.

Make the world your classroom

Stephen Fleming, our Science Department Head, takes students on a spring break trip to Belize to help local marine biologists examine indigenous fish and promote Mayan heritage with locals through traditional meals and pottery.

Grasp the concept rather than memorize answers

Research shows you understand your academic subjects more deeply when you can combine frameworks and concepts from multiple disciplines. For example, you will sketch and paint in our art studios to demonstrate your understanding of the mathematical Fibonacci sequence, or the ‘Golden Ratio’.

Making waves in the Hudson River

As part of our science department’s curriculum, you participate in an annual project called “Day in the Life of the Hudson,” where you transform into citizen scientists, delving into the heart of this resurgent New York estuary and collecting invaluable chemical and biological data. What you gather is then shared with the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, contributing to a more profound grasp of the river's health and the wider environment that helps protect the river.

Explore New York's arts and culture

Annually, students embark on a meaningful journey in collaboration with the National Wildlife Federation. They assume the role of an educator, sharing what they have learned about microplastics and oceanography and inspiring middle school students across the Greater New York City area to become dedicated stewards of our marine ecosystems.

Mountain bike race on campus

Each year, our school becomes a center of adrenaline and community spirit as we host exciting competitions for Westchester County. Our 97-acre campus serves as the backdrop for the events, providing a challenging course where competitors face off in fierce individual races. You can also join the race, like Khang, our determined student from Vietnam, who fearlessly took on the boy's JV race this year!

Take advantage of your natural surroundings

Within the expanse of our campus, you can embrace the opportunity to step out of the traditional classroom setting and into nature, like at our very own pond! Our students immerse themselves in hands-on experiences that foster a deeper connection to the living ecosystem. You can find our biology students casting out fishing nets, collecting samples, and uncovering the mysteries that lie beneath the pond. On the other hand, you can frequently see art students using the pond as their muse to create original paintings or as a feature of their photography portfolio.

A week without walls

Every fall semester, you will take a break from the school year and join all the students in your grade on a multi-day immersive tour to locations like Boston, Washington, DC, and New York City—each designed specifically for the stage you're at in your high school career. Exploring museums, experiencing famous landmarks, and participating in service learning allows you to delve deeper into what you are learning and bond with your classmates at the same time.

EF & the Nobel Prize Museum Partnership

Through EF’s partnership with the Nobel Prize Museum, you hear directly from Nobel Prize Laureates and even have a chance to display your own work alongside Nobel Prize winners in the museum in Stockholm.


Daily mentorship

House parents, advisors, and teachers work as one team to look after your well-being and success. You also join an advisory group led by your advisor that meets multiple times per week.

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