A truly global school: classmates from 60+ nationalities

Few other schools can match the “mini-UN” vibe of an EF Academy campus. Virtually every class, activity, and event becomes “global studies.” You’re constantly expanding your worldview with multiple perspectives while sharing your own culture and traditions.

Philosophy classes at EF Academy focus on challenging students to synthesize diverse perspectives. While teachers in other schools need to present varied viewpoints, our diverse student body engages directly in critical discussions. For instance, during medical ethics discussions, students simulate doctor roles, ranking principles like autonomy, beneficence, and justice, leading to conflicting lists due to their diverse backgrounds. These discussions, reflecting on the nature of knowledge, highlight diverse reasoning styles, termed "geography of thought,"' shaping how individuals perceive and claim knowledge. 

Every class is global studies

Since you and your classmates come from 60+ countries, we carefully design every class so you can add your unique voices to the discussion. In this way, you begin to teach each other and enrich everyone’s understanding with multiple perspectives. You also get daily practice in listening to diverse points of view, asking questions, engaging in discourse, and building bridges of understanding and respect across cultures and ideas.

Expanded horizons lead to a fuller life

It’s important to be an active participant in campus life—both in and out of the classroom. You’ll find that daily life is much richer when you can say “please” and “thank you” in several languages, incorporate other holiday traditions into your own, appreciate music from other cultures, and play sports and games from around the world. Spending time building deep and meaningful relationships with such diversity will enhance your ability to connect, relate, and find joy with others throughout life.

We take you out of your comfort zone!

On day one, you’re assigned to classes, advisory groups, and residential communities with students who come from just about everywhere imaginable. The whole point of our global community is to learn how to navigate differences. Together, you begin to share your culture, find common ground, and embrace diversity as a superpower—all important skills for navigating an ever-shrinking world.

How Abby is learning so much about the world...


Personalized education—one size never fits all

Every student is unique—that’s why every learning journey must be unique. We craft a custom pathway just for you, based on your talents and strengths.

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