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Is EF Academy Oxford right for you? Let’s talk about your goals in life – not just your grades and test scores. It’s important for us to get to know you as a person.


To ensure your success at EF Academy, we require the following pre-requisites.

The student age entry to the program is 16, and age on graduation is 19.

You must have successfully completed the equivalent of Grade 10 or IGCSE and be ready to progress to high school-level coursework.

English is the language used in all our programs. While we don’t expect fluency, we do require grade and program appropriate level English that continues to develop from when you join EF Academy to when you graduate.

For international students, as part of the application process, we test your current English proficiency on listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills and conduct a personal interview.  This helps us ensure all students join the right track for success.

Need help with your English?  If you are going into the 9th or 10th grade, we provide the EF Academy Preparation Program which helps accelerate your English to the level you need to successfully complete your diploma program.

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How to apply to EF Academy

Whether you're a high school student aspiring to broaden your horizons or a parent in search of an unparalleled educational journey for your child, this guide is crafted to shed light on the steps involved in applying to EF Academy.

Our tuition & fees

Families and students are presented with two options, full-boarding and day student. Each option offers a unique approach to balancing academic immersion, social engagement, and the comforts of home life.

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