Daily mentorship and 24/7 support

Your Pathway Manager, Tutor, Activities Coordinator, House Parent, and our Wellness Team work together to help you flourish at all levels: academically, socially, and personally.

Wellness takes practice

All students participate in “The Science of Well-Being for Teens” curriculum, designed by Yale Professor and EF Academy Advisory Council Member Dr. Laurie Santos, where they build foundational skills that have been proven to affect happiness and well-being.

Your Pathway Manager: one-to-one support and advice

Our unique pathway system gives you the opportunity to focus your studies on what interests you most. Each student has a dedicated Pathway Manager, serving as a personal advisor for academic and personal development. Through regular one-to-one meetings, your Pathway Manager helps you set academic and university goals, define a plan to achieve them and guide you throughout the course of your studies.

Your Tutor: a mentor to help you thrive

You will be assigned an Academic Tutor, who is also a subject teacher, to review your progress in each subject and set targets for what you want to achieve. If needed, you both create an action plan for improvement in areas like note-taking, trying new study habits, and building time-management and organization skills.

Your Activities Coordinator: helping you develop your talents

Our Activities Coordinator is responsible for after-school clubs, activities, weekend excursions, and our sports teams. He ensures students achieve a healthy balance between studies and extracurriculars, and guides students toward finding and developing their talents.

Your House Parent: the reason why this becomes your home-away-from-home

House Parents turn our dormitories into homes, bringing warmth, care, and fun to their hall communities. They are there for whatever you need—improving your study habits, engaging in student life, building strong relationships—and they work closely with your Pathway Manager, Tutor, and University Counselor to help you create a network of support.

Your Wellness Team: empowering your personal and social development

Personal and social health is interwoven into the curriculum. The PSHE program is an engaging learning experience featuring case studies, discussions, resources, and external lectures on topics including physical and mental health, personal safety, relationships, and more.


Where you can be you: your home away from home

Our welcoming campus community empowers you to come as you are and become who you want to be. Together, we create an inclusive environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

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