Class of 2021

Kseniia’s first impression of the school was one of pure amazement: “I fell in love with the school—with the facilities, the staff, and with my new friends.” After EF Academy, Kseniia moved to the Netherlands, where she is currently studying business administration at the University of Amsterdam and working for the university as a teacher assistant as well.

“The way teachers talk to me, and how they’re so approachable and caring, that’s what helped me pursue my academic journey.”

She emphasizes that her time at EF Academy significantly shaped her approach to education after graduating high school. The approachable nature of the teachers and the genuine care they had for their students has been instrumental in her academic journey so far. She fondly remembers her business teacher, who had a significant influence on her decision to study business, and she expresses that even teachers outside of her main subjects at school left a lasting impact on her: “In the end, all teachers had a place in my life and in my heart as well.”

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