Class of 2023

Living abroad at a boarding school was a new experience for Manuela when she arrived at EF Academy Oxford. She describes that living abroad in a new place and without the parental support that she would receive back home has strengthened her sense of responsibility and independence: “My experience here has taught me valuable lessons that I believe will continue to be valuable for me, not only when I enter college life but in my adult life as well.”

What surprised Manuela most at EF Academy is the liberty and trust that is given to students, “Rather than being confined to a small space with little to no freedom, I could experience the sense of independence while having a reliable support system in the staff and student body here.”

“EF Academy offers students the opportunity to explore life on their own while having a dependable safety net and constant support.”

Manuela feels prepared for university thanks to the thorough academic guidance provided at EF Academy. Similarly, she expresses that not only has her time here prepared her for the independence that comes with adulthood, “but I believe it has also prepared me for the level of work I will need to handle at university.”

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