Design your high school diploma in Pasadena

Your advisors in Pasadena help you craft your own pathway to graduating with a high school diploma. Choose classes that are meaningful to you, from a wide range of subjects.

Over 90% of the students who attend a top university earn a US High School Diploma. This four-year program (which is also accepted by universities worldwide) allows you to choose from a wide range of subjects in the arts, humanities, sciences, and maths. At EF Academy, you work closely with your Advisor and University Counselor to customize a personalized study program based on your interests and goals.

What is the High School Diploma?

EF Academy Pasadena provides holistic university preparation in mathematics, science, history, English, world languages, the arts, and physical education. You work closely with your University & Academic Counselor to customize a personalized pathway to graduation based on your interests and goals.

Advanced Placement Courses

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are recognized worldwide for their academic rigor and often a requirement for admission to top universities. They introduce high school students to first-year college content in a broad array of subjects. High performance on AP exams can earn students college credit at some universities, including the University of California system. Some universities outside of the US will require a particular set of AP courses and exams as part of admissions.

Advanced Study Courses

Advanced Studies (Adv) courses are designed by our faculty to provide in-depth study in topics that are more typically explored in 2nd or 3rd year University courses. These courses emphasize a project-based or research-based approach. They are honors-designated and recognized for being equal in rigor to AP classes.

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