Campus Life

Learning happens everywhere and at any time

State-of-art campus that sets a new standard

Our spectacular new campus is purpose-built for immersion learning. Accelerate your growth with tech-equipped academic facilities, spaces for creativity and collaboration, an impressive range of leisure facilities, and full-service student residences.

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Why Sean was surprised about the campus facilities...

Daily mentorship and 24/7 support

House parents, advisors and teachers work as one team to look after your well-being and success. You also join an advisory group, led by your advisor, that meets multiple times per week. This helps you flourish at all levels: academically, socially and personally. You also get the additional support of qualified well-being counselors at our on-campus Health & Wellness Centers.

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Where you can be you: your home away from home

Our welcoming campus community empowers you to come as you are and become who you want to be. Together, we create an inclusive environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging. Sharing everyday life—studying, eating, rooming, exploring, hanging out—is a priceless life-preparing experience.

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Co-Curricular Programs

Compete, create, debate, connect, explore! Discover all the co-curricular programs you can participate in.

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Residential life

EF residential students enjoy the ultimate experience of living and learning 24/7 in a global community of 30+ nationalities. Sharing everyday life—studying, eating, rooming, exploring, hanging out—is a priceless intercultural and life-changing experience.

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Student stories

Be inspired by the amazing stories of EF Academy students preparing to change the world.

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Would you like a private tour?

We welcome families who are considering EF Academy to visit us for a tour of campus and a chat with a member of our admissions team.

Frequently asked questions

We have no formal dress code. You can wear whatever best expresses your personality. Remember, though, that EF Academy students come from a broad range of cultures and backgrounds, so you should always dress in a way that doesn’t cause discomfort to others.

Though not mandatory, we strongly encourage students to join co-curricular program like clubs and intramural sports, as well as excursions and events organized by our activities team. Exploring a mutual interest is the easiest way to make friends quickly. We typically schedule the last hour of the school day for co-curricular activities.

Absolutely! We have varsity sports across the whole year where students can compete in our local league. We also encourage students to try new sports by joining one or more of our seasonal intramural teams: basketball, soccer, volleyball, running, swimming, table tennis or cheerleading. It’s a great way to make new friends and develop your teamwork and leadership skills. Pasadena’s year-round mild weather, and proximity to both the sea and mountains, also makes it easy to practice individual performance sports like surfing, cycling, running or hiking or golf year-round.

Many of the clubs offered on-campus are driven by student interest, so the themes range widely from the arts and hobbies to STEAM and student government. What you do as a member depends on the theme. If you join the Outdoor Adventure Club, for example, you’ll go on hikes in the surrounding canyons. If you join our Campus Celebrations Club, you’ll help plan events like our annual Culture Fair and prom.

We always encourage you to explore activities you wouldn't normally try to discover new interests. You just never know. But if you're passionate about something in particular that isn’t currently offered, speak with our activities team to start your own club!