Class of 2025

One of the things that drew Marie-Christin to EF Academy Pasadena is the supportive environment on campus. Here, she gets to spend every day together with her friends, living and learning together. She has become close friends with her roommate, who comes from Denmark, “We are really similar and talk a lot on the weekends. We spend time together, and sometimes we’ll do homework together.”

Marie-Christin loves sports, so she has focused her extracurriculars around different sports from the range of activities available for students at EF Academy. She goes to weightlifting, cross country, and dance.

"Here, teachers focus on your development during classes, not only on written text. And they genuinely care for you."

Academically, something that stands out to Marie-Christin is the support and care from teachers at EF Academy Pasadena. She describes that they are always happy to help, giving good advice, and providing students with the best possible learning experience.

Let’s talk about your goals!

We look at way more than your transcript. It’s important for us to get to know you as a person: your strength and talents, what your goals are in life.