Class of 2026

Mia really enjoys being part of the international community at EF Academy Pasadena, “Everyone is so interesting and fun. It’s quite funny that most conversations usually start by introducing your name, and then talking about something—but here you start with ‘Where are you from?’ It’s a great opportunity to grow as a person.”

Among her extracurriculars, Business Club is her favorite. She emphasizes the importance of teaching kids and young adults about personal finance from early on, “since our lives will be surrounded by it, and a lot of people struggle when they go to college and experience what it really is to be an adult, because they weren’t taught this stuff.”

"My life changed by coming here—I've had a lot more adventures, and I now have friends from all over the world"

Living and learning on campus is a special experience, and the boarding experience naturally encourages collaboration, “Since we are a boarding school and we all live together, we tend to meet to help each other or do group meetings for a project. And everyone knows everyone, so it’s fun and productive.”  

Let’s talk about your goals!

We look at way more than your transcript. It’s important for us to get to know you as a person: your strength and talents, what your goals are in life.