Total immersion is a better way to learn

We've redesigned every aspect of the high school experience so that learning is personalized, totally hands-on, and in a global community.

A truly global school: with classmates from 30+ countries

Few other schools can match the “mini-UN” vibe of an EF Academy campus. Virtually every class, activity, and event becomes “global studies.” You’re constantly expanding your worldview with multiple perspectives while sharing your own culture and traditions.

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Personalized education—one size never fits all

Every student is unique—that’s why every learning journey must be unique. We craft a custom pathway just for you, based on your talents and strengths. We help you set personalized growth goals with your Advisors, and then develop a plan for achieving them with courses and co-curricular activities you actually care about.

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How Jeremi found a customized schedule...

Mastery of skills, not memorization of facts

Here, you learn how to think—the real secret to success. All your courses are designed around the skills and knowledge you will need to flourish in life, not just facts and figures to pass the next test. Because it’s not the knowledge itself that’s important—it’s how you use it.

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Meet our head of school - Sally Mingarelli

At EF Academy Pasadena, we have truly dedicated ourselves to changing education for the better. We have created a whole world-class program that allows students to identify and channel their strengths as they grow crucial skills for university, career, and life.

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Meet our Advisory Council

An esteemed group of visionary educators helping us build a great school for today's world.

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