Private schools in the UK

What are private schools in the UK?

Private schools in the UK, often referred to as independent schools or public schools, are educational institutions that are not funded or maintained by the government. These schools are instead privately funded.

Private schools have more autonomy in terms of their curriculum and offer a broad variety of extracurricular activities, encouraging the students to explore their interests and master skills during both their study and free time.

It is common for the students to stay on campus to get the full immersive experience and mix with the other international students. Private schools in the UK therefore often house facilities that include spaces for clubs and hobbies such as sports, arts and science.

Which degrees are offered at UK international schools?

There are multiple internationally recognized diplomas you can receive at secondary school. Our private school in England offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and British A-Level qualifications. Both degrees are highly esteemed by top universities due to their first-class curriculum and a wide range of subject options.

International Baccaleaureat (IB diploma)

Graduate from a UK private school with an IB diploma. Universities globally recognize and value this internationally acclaimed high school qualification. Students study a total of six subjects at standard and higher levels, creating a diploma that underscores their strengths and places internationalism at the heart of the curriculum.

  • 2-year program

  • Ages 16-19

  • Grades 11-12


The well-known British high school curriculum permits students to delve deeply into subjects at a high level. Those with a desire to pursue higher education in the UK or with well-defined career aspirations from an early stage often opt for A-Levels as a means to concentrate on their interests and cultivate thorough expertise in specific subjects.

  • 2-year program

  • Ages 16-18

  • Grades 11-12

Our private school campus in the UK

Our private school in the UK welcomes local and internatioanl students, creating an open atmosphere with a global community. Our Oxford campus provides a personalized private school education that helps students master the skills that they need to succeed in life.

The benefits of attending EF Academy private school in England

Take the first step towards your global future by joining an international boarding school in UK with a strong emphasis on academic excellence, thorough university preparation and enriching co-curricular activities.

FAQ – Private schools in the UK

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