Time to delve deeper

We’ve reimagined the school schedule to prioritize time for real-life learning and field study.

Study fewer subjects at a time

Our schedule allows you to focus on just three subjects at a time (6 total subjects a year). This limits the number of subjects you’re juggling each day, which leads to better focus and is less overwhelming. It also creates the space for real-life learning in every class.

A focus on wellness

Fewer classes each day also means fewer problems with overlapping homework assignments, creating more space in your day for enjoying co-curriculars, and sports and developing your own personal wellness practices. On Wellness Wednesdays, we forego study hall for extra time on passion projects!

Experiential learning is built into your weekly schedule

This allows for extensive off-campus experiential learning by extending the length of the class periods on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons. You can then travel to meaningful field study sites in amazing locations across Los Angeles to deepen and enrich your learning.


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