The curriculum

The A-Levels program in England is perfect for students who already know exactly what they want to study and want to take that passion to the highest academic level. You can pick any combination of three or four subjects. You’ll receive all the guidance and support you need as you choose your classes so you will end up with a timetable that lines up with the degree you intend to pursue at university and your career goals. Co-curricular activities, university advising sessions and IELTS preparation are also key elements of EF Academy’s A-Level program in the UK.

The A-Levels program in England is for you if:

You know what degree or career you want to pursue

You want to focus your attention on only a few classes

You're interested in attending university in the UK

Build your A-levels schedule

Our counselors will help you choose the right combination of A-Level subjects to ensure the best chance of acceptance to top universities in your field of study.


Business Studies





Further Mathematics



English / IELTS Preparation

Getting into university

Great grades and exam results are an important part of a strong university application. Exam preparation is a fundamental part of an education at EF Academy. From one-on-one sessions with teachers and your Pathway Manager, to regular study groups and TOEFL/IELTS classes on the weekends, we do everything we can to help you prepare for A-Levels exams so you can send universities a stellar transcript.

The A-Levels Program

The traditional British high school curriculum allows students to study a select few subjects at a high level. Students who want to attend university in the UK or have clear career aspirations from an early age choose A-Levels as a way to focus on their interests and develop in-depth subject knowledge.

  • 2-year program

  • Ages 16-18 / Grades 11-12

  • Offered in: Oxford

A welcoming boarding school campus

Our community of students and educators from around the world brings a modern, open-minded perspective to the traditional British boarding school experience. Be inspired by English culture while gaining the international exposure needed to succeed in today's world - all while living in the safety of our campus and being looked after by caring counsellors, residential staff and activities coordinators.

Supervised halls of residence
Science laboratories and seminar-sized classrooms
A caring support network on campus and in your home country

Hands-on clubs and activities

By taking part in a broad range of co-curricular activities and excursions, students nurture new and existing interests that encourage lifelong learning. Our weekly clubs, sports and trips to local attractions are part of what makes getting your A-Levels in England an awe-inspiring and unforgettable experience.

- 30+ clubs and activities
- Sports teams and competitions
- Weekly excursions and field trips

EF Academy campus in the UK

Our international boarding school in the UK is home to students from all over the world. Our campus provides a transformational A-Levels education against the inspirational backdrop of the British landscape.

FAQ – A-Levels in England

A-Levels, or Advanced Level qualifications, are a set of exams taken in the UK and some other countries. A-Levels are typically studied over a two-year period, and they are considered a key qualification for entry into higher education institutions, such as universities.

Students get to choose three or four subjects to study during their A-Levels from a range of subjects. The curriculum is more specialized and in-depth compared to the broader curriculum of General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exams, which students typically take at around age 16.

British A-Levels are accepted for university admissions in the UK and other countries. The subjects taken and grades achieved in these exams play a significant role in determining which universities and courses a student can apply to.

Both the IB Diploma and A-Level programs are highly regarded by top universities and choosing the 'right' program comes down to personal goals and preferences. Many of our students from both programs have advanced to study at the university of their choice upon graduation. As the standard British high school qualification, A-Levels are the most popular program for students who want to apply to universities in the United Kingdom or who want to focus on studying only three or four subjects in depth. As the most internationally recognized high school qualification, the IB Diploma curriculum frames subjects within a global context and broadens students' horizons by having them study six subjects and an additional core curriculum.

Living on our UK campus has many benefits for students and adds to the unique experience of studying for A-Levels at EF Academy. Many close friendships are formed in the residences and many students think of their roommates as their family away from home. The independence that comes with living in England is an important step towards developing some of the skills that make the transition to university easier, like organization, time management and self-care. Living close to school makes it easier for students to focus on their studies, but our House Parents and pastoral team make sure all EF Academy UK students find a healthy balance between study time and leisure time.

Like most schools in the UK, our typical day combines a mix of classes, study sessions and meal breaks. But what sets us apart is the academic depth done through intercultural exchange, one-to-one mentoring and experiential learning opportunities. Research shows that 2/3 of a student’s academic performance is determined by factors outside of class. Our students use their after-school time to build essential skills for their A-Level exams and university through clubs, sports, study sessions and other hands-on activities.

Students usually choose three or four subjects to study during their A-Levels. The list of subjects can be diverse, ranging from sciences (e.g., physics, chemistry, biology), mathematics, and humanities (e.g., history, geography, English literature) to arts and languages. The subject choice should be in line with any requirements of the student's preferred course of study at a university.

Studying for your A-Levels in Oxford means living in a small, safe town. EF Academy’s private campus has school or security staff on site 24/7. There is always someone on duty to supervise our premises and address student needs. House Parents live in the residence halls to ensure students develop healthy living habits. Health safety is also a priority, and our on-campus health clinic is equipped to see students whenever they feel unwell. All EF Academy students are registered with a nearby health practice in case of serious illness or emergencies.

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