EF Academy’s
Safe Learning Promise

Our commitment to education – no matter what

Updated 28 October 2021

Educating for a brighter future

Our Safe Learning Promise is our commitment to our families, students and their education. At EF Academy, every child will receive a formative high school education – no matter what.

Despite the uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, EF Academy’s dedication to providing students with a transformative education abroad is stronger than ever. We firmly believe that a global education with intercultural exposure at an early age provides future generations with the academic preparation and life skills needed to navigate the modern world. Many of these skills are gained when studying abroad, and we at EF Academy are committed to supporting families on every step of this journey with us.

Our campuses are open for face-to-face learning and have been since September 2020, providing students with safe and stimulating spaces in which to live, learn and flourish. This achievement is only heightened by our last two years’ graduating classes receiving some of the highest marks and best university acceptances our school has had to date. We have overcome some extraordinary circumstances at EF Academy with resilience and agility, and we will continue to adapt to ensure we keep our promise.

Our Safe Learning Promise ensures that every family receives the guidance they seek, the support they need and – ultimately – the education to set their child on the path towards future success.

Our promise

Nothing should get in the way of a child’s education. At EF Academy, we are committed to you and your child’s education – no matter what.

Prioritizing student safety and wellbeing

Above all, we prioritize the safety and wellbeing of each and every student. The success of our measures have allowed us to safely welcome students from all over the world to our campuses even amidst a pandemic. We revise protocols regularly and adapt them as needed.

Our health and safety measures follow government guidelines to ensure the wellbeing of our entire school community and address all areas of student wellbeing – from the physical to the social and psychological. 24/7 professional security ensures our campus communities remain physically safe at all times. Our student health centers are run by qualified nurses equipped to address day-to-day wellness as well as medical emergencies. Staff are trained to care for students' social and emotional wellbeing, so students always have someone to speak to when they need support.

You can read more about our current COVID-specific health and safety protocols below.

US Health Protocol

School year 21-22

UK Health Protocol

School year 21-22

Note: Protocols are subject to change to reflect changes in government guidelines.

Education, no matter what

However the world around us evolves, we are committed to ensuring EF Academy students receive a quality education and obtain their international high school qualifications on time and without compromise.

Our intercultural campus community is an essential part of the EF Academy experience and enhances the academic instruction students receive. However, students affected by one of the following situations will be able to begin their studies with EF Academy online:

  • Students who are unable to travel to campus due to government mandated travel restrictions

  • Students experiencing delays in obtaining their visas

In these special cases, students will follow their program virtually until they are able to physically join us on campus. This is our commitment to providing students with a quality international education – no matter what.

Flexible fees

When it comes to a child’s education, planning ahead is as important as ever. However, to support families concerned about future uncertainty, we have adapted our fees to provide additional reassurance.

Cancellation fees

EF Academy waives any cancellation fees stated in our terms and conditions up until 180 days before course start date for families who make a payment of at least one term’s fees at the time of enrollment.

A global support network

We have a support network that spans the globe. This is what enables us to welcome not only students but their entire families to the extended EF Academy family and provide support on campus as well as in their home countries.

Regular updates from our Heads of School and parent webinars give parents the chance to be in touch with school staff. Our Pathway Managers closely monitor individual students’ academic and personal growth, and they prioritize making themselves available to students and parents whenever they need guidance. We endeavor to ensure parents feel as close to their child and to our school as possible, for which our Admissions Consultants around the world are prepared to provide even more local support to parents in their home country and native language. Between our school staff, faculty and local Admissions Consultants, families have an entire global support network available to you at EF Academy ready to offer any support you need.

Speak to an education consultant

Our education consultants will gladly answer any questions you have about studying abroad and our Safe Learning Promise.

Speak to an education consultant

Our education consultants will gladly answer any questions you have about studying abroad and our Safe Learning Promise.

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