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EF Academy private day and boarding school in New York

Where tradition meets innovation

All parents want their children to be happy and successful. That’s what we want, too. So, we started a new kind of high school in New York. This allowed us to take the best of the past and fuse it with the best of the future. At its core is total immersion. We’ve redesigned every aspect of the international high school experience so that learning is highly individualized, totally hands-on, and in a global community of 60+ nationalitiesthe EF Academy difference.

A campus where learning happens everywhere

Our picturesque high school campus is strategically located on 97 acres, only a short train ride away from legendary New York City.

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A campus where learning happens everywhere

Our picturesque campus is strategically located on 97 acres, only a short train ride away from legendary New York City.

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A truly global high school in New York: classmates from 60+ nationalities

Few other schools can match the “mini-UN” vibe of the EF Academy private school campus in New York. Virtually every class, activity, and event becomes “global studies.” You’re constantly expanding your worldview with multiple perspectives while sharing your own culture and traditions.

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Personalized education—one size never fits all

Every student is unique—that’s why every learning journey must be unique. At our boarding school in New York, we craft a custom pathway just for you based on your talents and strengths. We help you set personalized growth goals with your advisors and develop a plan for achieving them with courses and co-curricular activities you actually care about.

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How Javier's advisors are helping him create a personalized academic plan for him...

Mastery of skills, not memorization of facts

At our high school in New York, you learn how to think—the real secret to success. All your courses are designed around the skills and knowledge you will need to flourish in life, not just facts and figures to pass the next test. Because it’s not the knowledge itself that’s important—it’s how you use it.

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EF and the Nobel Prize Museum Partnership

Through EF’s partnership with the Nobel Prize Museum, students hear directly from Nobel Prize laureates and even display their own work alongside Nobel Prize winners in the museum in Stockholm.

Our Academics

Expand your perspective in a multicultural environment while getting your hands dirty with real-world challenges.

How Pedro applies his knowledge to the real world...

Teachers who are experts

A great education always starts with great teachers. Over 90% of our faculty members have advanced degrees.

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Customized counseling

Applying to university can be overwhelming. One-to-one advising helps you get into your dream school.

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Learning beyond textbooks

The best way to learn is to roll up your sleeves and make your own discoveriesin and outside the classroom.

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Design your own high school experience

At our international high school in New York, our advisors help you craft your own pathway to graduation. From the full IB Diploma Programme, to individual IB or AP classes, choose courses that are meaningful to you from a wide range of subjects.

Meet our Advisory Council

An esteemed group of visionary educators helping us build a great school for today's world.

Dr. Fernando Reimers

Professor of International Education, Harvard University
Author educating students to improve the world

Dr. Mukul Kumar

Chief Innovation Office
Hult International Business School
Professor, Harvard University
Former President, United World College

Dr. Laurie Santos

Head of Yale University’s Sillman College
Professor of Psychology “The Science of Well-being”
Host of The Happiness Lab podcast

Daily mentorship & 24/7 support

House parents, teachers, and university counselors work as one team to look after your well-being and success. Your advisory group, led by your advisor, meets multiple times per week to support you academically and socially.

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Where you can be you

Our welcoming campus community empowers you to come as you are and become who you want to be. Together, we create an inclusive environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

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Bertil Hult founded EF in 1965 with the belief that people learn best through immersion and hands-on experiences. He struggled with traditional classroom learning as a high school student with dyslexia in Sweden, and he realized during a summer job in England that he was picking up English effortlessly by living the language, not studying it. This led him to become one of the early founders of immersion learning.

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