Daily mentorship and 24/7 support

Your own dedicated support team: house parents, advisors, and teachers work as one team to look after your well-being and success. You also join an advisory group led by your Advisor that meets multiple times per week. This helps you flourish at all levels: academically, socially, and personally. You also get the additional support of qualified well-being counselors at our on-campus Health & Wellness Center.

Wellness takes practice with Dr. Laurie Santos

All students participate in “The Science of Well-being for Teens” curriculum, designed by Yale Professor and EF Academy Advisory Council Member Dr. Laurie Santos, where they build foundational skills that have been proven to affect happiness and well-being.

Your advisor: a daily mentor to help you thrive

To maximize your experience, you’ll meet almost daily with a faculty advisor and a small group of 8 to 10 students. Your advisor is great at understanding students at your grade level, helping you master your homework, and offering strategies whenever you need a little extra support. Your advisory group is also a time to work on wellness goal-setting, self-care, and healthy relationships.

Your University Counselor: helping you get into your dream school

You’re assigned a dedicated university counselor in year one who gets to know your aspirations, passions, and talents. Through a carefully structured series of one-on-one and group guidance sessions, they help you build a personalized pathway of courses, identify the right universities for you, and craft an impressive application portfolio for admissions officers.

Your club and athletics coaches: helping you develop your talents

Doing what you love brings out the very best in you—and our club advisors and athletic coaches love bringing that experience to life for you! So whether that’s the Robotics Club or Basketball Team, Spring Musical or Cooking Club, get ready to shine.

Your Health & Wellness Team: looking after your physical and emotional health

You learn better when you are thriving physically, socially, and emotionally. Our counselors and nurses at our Health & Wellness Center offer expert guidance on minimizing stress and focusing on well-being. They’re also there for you when you feel unwell or need help getting back into balance.

Your house parent: the reason why this becomes your home-away-from-home

From day one, you are assigned a house parent. House parents turn our dormitories into homes, bringing warmth, care, and fun to their hall communities. They are there for whatever you need—improving your study habits, engaging in student life, building strong relationships—and they work closely with your university counselor, teaching faculty, and coaches to help you create a network of support.

How Yasmin feels fully supported and cared for by the school's staff...


Where you can be you: your home away from home

Our welcoming campus community empowers you to come as you are and become who you want to be. Together, we create an inclusive environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

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