The EF Academy Mentorship Program

This program aims to create relationships between new and returning students through a series of outreach activities to build a stronger, more united campus community.

EF Academy Ambassador Program

This program offers students the opportunity to serve as representatives for their school and develop as responsible global leaders.

About the program

Every student has experienced being 'new' to EF Academy and knows what a difference a friendly face to guide you on campus can make.

The Mentorship Program offers all returning students the opportunity to build leadership skills while mentoring new students. Mentors will foster relationships across grade levels and nationalities to build a more united community on campus.

By making new students feel welcome at EF Academy, Mentors will serve their school community and act as a positive influence to our new students.

Mentorship goals

The Mentorship Program is a one-year, two-way program that benefits both mentors and new students. Each Mentor will be paired up with a group of new students that they will provide insights to for the year.

The Mentors
  • Current EF Academy students (any grade)

  • Develop leadership experience

  • Be an active community-builder

  • Gain meaningful experience for university applications

The New Students
  • Students new to EF Academy (any grade)

  • Feel part of the EF Academy community

  • Form positive experiences at school from day one

  • Become Mentors to other students in their second year

How to apply

Applications to the EF Academy Mentorship Program are open to current students in Grades 9-11. To be considered for the program, students must complete the application form linked below.

The deadline for accepting applications is March 29th, 2024.


Still have questions about the program? Are you unsure of whether to apply and want to talk to someone about it?

Please contact [email protected]