Whether through a physical education class, competing in a sport with one of our varsity teams, or engaging in an active club, you will move and strengthen your body here! Athletics are an important part of campus life and a great way to develop both leadership and teamwork skills.

Varsity sports

How Sunghyo is learning from his extracurricular activities...

Our athletic director organizes regular campus-wide competitions in intramural, club, varsity, and off-campus sports—so get ready to compete or cheer for your favorite team. Our accessibility to nearby state parks and recreational spaces in Upstate New York makes leading an active lifestyle and trying endurance sports off-campus easy and fun.


Not only will you be able to play inter-mural volleyball on campus, you can join the varsity team to compete with other school teams.


Join the varsity soccer team to compete with other local schools. You can practice on our luscious green soccer field with the mountains as the backdrop.


Become the basketball player you want to be. You can practice, compete, and play.


Develop your tennis skills and compete with other local schools.

Cross country

Determination, patience, and tenacity with the varsity cross-country team!


Varsity cheerleading combines athleticism, teamwork, and spirited performances to energize and support school teams.


Join one of our sports clubs to maintain your fitness year-round!


Practice yoga to find your center.


Keep your fitness on point by regularly running.


Bike around on the vast grounds on campus!

Pursue your passions and develop your talents

It’s a classic part of the American high school experience—and our entire community of students and adults participates. They’re a great way to build on your interests and strengths, enhance your university applications—and make friends with similar interests!

Art & Design Club

Develop your artistic abilities. Create and showcase different styles of artwork.

Spirit Squad

Celebrate school spirit and organize events for events all across the campus.

Cooking Club

Explore cultures by learning about the different herbs and spices from different countries.

Music Ensemble

Hone your musical abilities. Explore more with fellow musicians.

Student Newspaper

Prepare to become the next reporter for the student newspaper. Join your peers to find the hottest news on campus.

Model United Nations (MUN)

Represent your county and join mock debates to solve real-world problems.

Drama Club

Express yourself through the art of drama and theater.

Business & Finance Club

Learn about macroeconomic trends to things you need to know to finance a car.

Sports Team Captains

Become a sports team captain!


Delve deeper into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

Student Council

Represent your student body!

Mind and Body Club

Practice centering yourself for your body and mind.

Debate Club

Find the art of debate at Debate Club!

Environmental and Sustainability Program

Take initiative in finding sustainable solutions for the environment.

Robotics Club

Learn the mechanics behind robotics!

Academy Rocks

Delve into the world of rock with Academy Rocks!

Analog Photography Club

Explore the world of photography!

Chess Club

Learn strategic thinking and camaraderie through the artful game of chess. 

Events, activities and excursions

With school-wide events throughout the year such as student-run concerts, Arts Night, weekend excursions, holiday parties, and our annual Culture Fair, there’s always something to look forward to.

Connecting through campus activities

Connect with your classmates with campus wide activities!

Celebrating with music, dance and s’mores

Celebrate school spirit and organize events for events all across the campus!

Fall Immersion Trip

Every fall semester, take a break from the school year and join all the students in your grade on a multi-day immersive tour!

New York as your learning ground

Explore Manhattan and more with your classmates!

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