United States

Class of 2024

Abby’s favorite part about EF Academy is the diversity that the school has. She loves hearing about other people’s countries and values. Her previous school was a public high school in New Jersey, and she’s found that at EF Academy, classes are much smaller, and students have more time for personal learning.

Her favorite teacher is Mr. Giordano, who she believes is the best history teacher she’s ever had. She loves that he puts so much content into his classes, but in a way that is so easy to understand. He's also her Model United Nations (MUN) club advisor. He helped her achieve her biggest accomplishment thus far: the MUN conference she and her team put together.

“I have matured and learned so much about the world. I feel like I have traveled the world by just going to school. I would not trade this experience for anything.”

They invited 60+ students, including some students from our EF Academy Oxford campus in the UK, and it was very successful.

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