Class of 2024

After coming to EF Academy, Pedro realized that he had been limiting himself to what was available at his home in Brazil’s countryside.

Since arriving, he’s been able to delve deeply into his interest in Economics. He took IB Economics with his favorite teacher, Mr. Balben, and was able to understand the world quite differently. “Mr. Balben always shares amazing real-life economic issues and that makes the class extremely engaging and vivid.”

“It is simply amazing to see the realworld and apply my knowledge to it. As the President of Volunteering Club, EF Academy gave our group the chance to go to Central Park and volunteer in a race that helps fundraising for breast cancer awareness campaign.”

Thanks to the guidance he’s received from his University Counselor, Pedro has been able to challenge himself by pursuing the IB diploma and preparing himself for his future in Europe. “By choosing this academic route, I feel like I am well prepared for university. I’ll be able to manage my time, write thorough research papers, and more!”

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