Residential life

EF Academy residential students enjoy the ultimate experience of living and learning 24/7 in a global community of 60+ nationalities. Sharing everyday life—studying, eating, rooming, exploring, hanging out—is a priceless intercultural and life-changing experience.

Your house parent is your go-to for advice and support

A house parent lives full-time in your dormitory with you. They’re on hand to help you learn how to live independently, cultivate positive relationships with students and staff, and build key life skills. They also help you manage your daily schedule, progress in your studies, and build a network of advisors dedicated to your success. Best of all, their door is always open when you just need someone to listen.

Living with roommates from around the world

Every student is paired with roommates from other countries around the world. To ensure every student is in the best living situation possible, we carefully set up compatible roommates by asking you to fill out a survey prior to coming on campus. This way, we can match you with friends who are from different cultures, but have similar habits and interests. Standard accommodation is in a triple room with each student having a bed, desk with a lamp, a locked storage space for valuables, and a wardrobe.

There's so much to do in the evenings and on weekends

Staying on campus, you'll soon realize that campus life continues well after lessons and study halls are complete. From s'mores nights to basketball games to video game contests, there’s an event or activity organized for nearly every evening. On weekends, join excursions in the local towns of Thornwood and Pleasantville, trips to downtown Manhattan to catch a show, or join organized hikes, pro-sporting events, or ski trips in Vermont

A choice of boarding options

Many of our students live and learn on campus as full boarders. In New York, local students also have the option of being a day student or boarding five days a week and living at home on weekends. Consult with your Enrollment Advisor!

Full boarding

The full-boarding option is gaining favor, particularly among students whose families are geographically distant or have commitments that make daily commutes challenging. Full-boarders reside on campus throughout the week, immersing themselves in a comprehensive and enriching school experience. This option ensures students are fully engaged in academic pursuits and extracurricular activities, fostering a strong sense of community and camaraderie

Weekly boarding

Weekly boarding has become increasingly popular, Weekly boarders typically head home on Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons, returning to school either on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings. This arrangement provides many children with the ideal balance: they can fully engage in school activities during the week, dedicate themselves to academics and socializing with friends, and then unwind at home with their parents over the weekends.

Day students

Day students are increasingly finding appeal, especially for those who live in close proximity to the school or have families with more predictable daily schedules. These students commute to and from school each day, allowing them to benefit from the educational offerings and extracurricular activities while still enjoying the comforts of home in the evenings

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