Co-curricular activities

Holistic learning happens by connecting theory to practice. Through the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) program, we extend learning in New York beyond the classroom through hands-on experiences that build students' problem-solving, project-building and collaboration skills.


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Grow beyond books

Complete your international high school experience abroad by participating in a range of fun, exciting and diverse activities after class. All students at EF Academy New York engage in CAS activities alongside their academic studies.


With 65 clubs a year, there's something for everyone at EF Academy New York. Co-curricular clubs keep students active and engaged through new experiences and skills development. Maybe you want to start your own club? Our Activities Coordinators can help you become your own club leader.

Athletics and varsity sports

Our athletic program includes varsity and junior varsity sports teams, several of which have achieved statewide success. Students can also participate in intramural sports clubs on campus to stay active and healthy.



Girls Volleyball

Cross Country





Track and field




Our coaches are here to help you reach your athletic potential in whatever sport you choose – there to cheer you on and help you be the best you can be.

Get in touch with our athletics department: [email protected]

Activities and excursions

When you study at EF Academy New York, New York City becomes your classroom. Students deepen their learning and cultural understanding through organized trips to museums and exhibitions, outdoor excursions and hands-on experiments.

*Due to COVID-19, our thoroughly revised health protocols mean school days look a little different now. Download our US Health Protocol to learn more.

Activities Coordinators

Our Activities Coordinators plan enriching activities, clubs and trips for students throughout the year. From karaoke nights to trips to Central Park, they keep our students engaged and excited about living and learning here in New York.

Other co-curricular opportunities

Service learning

Students are encouraged to find or create opportunities to volunteer in the community, locally and globally, as part of the CAS program. These projects help students develop civic engagement skills, a sense of global responsibility and a commitment to public service.

Internships and practical experience

Put learning into practice with real world experience. Our staff encourage students to find internship opportunities in fields of interest or participate in programs at top universities in Manhattan. These experiences strengthen their university applications, CVs and professional network.

Building skills for a global future

Our co-curricular activities place an emphasis on developing future-proof skills that present students as well-rounded, forward-thinking individuals when applying to university and prepare them to lead the way towards new career paths.

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FAQ - Co-curricular

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive about co-curricular activities at EF Academy New York