Clubs, activities and sports

Extracurricular activities are an integral part of the boarding experience—and there’s something for everyone. You can choose from an array of sports, activities, and clubs—or create your own, all while enhancing your profile for university

Join clubs and explore your passions

The weekly club schedule offers an array of ways to explore your talents while making friends with like-minded students. Our co-curricular clubs are either teacher-led or student-driven. Themes range widely from arts and hobbies to STEAM and student government. Don’t see one you like? Start one of your own with friends!

Economic and Business

Learn all about macroeconomic trends to things you need to know to finance a car.

Model UN

Model United Nations (MUN) comes naturally to our students because they come from around the world. At MUN, you get to work together on real-life problems and speak in front of delegates from different countries


Engage in dynamic discussions, hone your critical thinking skills, and passionately explore diverse perspectives on thought-provoking topics.


Creativity intertwines with friendship as you explore the art of knitting and crocheting, one vibrant thread at a time.


If deepening your learning in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) is your passion, the STEAM Club might be the one for you.


Students put on their own plays and also attend performances at local playhouses in Oxford and London's West End.


Explore the world of music and rhythm.

The Arts

A club of self-expression, collaboration, and the endless possibilities of visual imagination.

Italian Culture

Explore the traditions, flavors, and vibrant heritage of Italy, fostering a sense of appreciation for its art, language, and diverse cultural treasures.


Learn more about communication by exploring and sharing your passion for multilingualism and cultural exchange with others.


A club where strategic tiles meet friendly competition.


Here, creativity takes center stage while you explore the magic of storytelling, character development, and the world of drama.


Discuss your favorite books with likeminded bookish peers or discover a new genre.


Engage in insightful discussions, mock trials, and legal exploration, fostering a passion for the principles of law and a deeper understanding of the legal system.

Duke of Edinburgh

Embrace challenges, explore the great outdoors, and contribute to your community, fostering personal growth, leadership skills, and a commitment to service on the path to the Duke of Edinburgh Award

Self care

Prioritize mental, emotional, and physical health through mindful practices, open discussions, and a supportive community dedicated to promoting self-discovery and holistic wellness.


Come together to contribute to your local community, engage in service projects, and cultivate a spirit of compassion and social responsibility.

Student Council

Make your voice heard, drive positive change, organize events, and advocate for the student body.


Engage in dynamic activities, workshops, and projects to develop essential leadership skills.

Ambassador Program

Become a Student Ambassador and be the voice of your school community and a welcoming friend for new students.


Your health is our priority. Join your favorite sport, or try something new.


Experience the thrill of precision, agility, and friendly competition on the tennis court.

Rock climbing

Challenge yourself by developing your physical strength and strategic skills by climbing walls.


Go for regular runs with your peers while working on your personal endurance.


Emphasize teamwork, skill, and precision on the court.


Work on your basketball skills by practicing and playing together with your peers.


Feel the team spirit and the thrill of scoring goals.


Navigate diverse terrains with strategic agility.


Enjoy a full-body workout while reducing stress and instilling discipline, goal-setting and perseverance.

What will become your favorite event and activity?

There’s always an event or activity going on on campus or nearby. Join your friends in an exciting game of paintball, get creative and take part in a short story contest, or enjoy what is probably the most quintessentially Oxford past time activity—punting in the river Thames or Cherwell.

Hot chocolate nights

Marshmallows? Sprinkles? Chocolate sauce? The House Parents make sure that you get your hot cocoa order exactly how you like it, while you spend a cozy evening in the student lounge together with your friends.

Taco nights

Taco night might very well become your favorite evening. Enjoy a range of different toppings and flavors.


Compete against your peers in a friendly game of paintball.


A must for the true Oxford experience!

Ice skating

Put your skates on and enter the rink for a fun afternoon of ice skating.

Culture Fair

Try culinary specialties from all over the world, and introduce your classmates to your favorite snacks from back home.

TED-ED Student Talks

Speak about topics you're passionate about in front of an audience, while practicing your public speaking skills. Or, learn about new things by listening to your friends speak.

Science Fair

Showcase your scientific projects, experiments, or research findings.

Lunar New Year

Celebrate the Chinese New Year and enjoy performances by your classmates.

Student art show

Showcase your unique art or marvel at the art created by your peers.

Short story content

Submit your story of up to 1500 words on any topic and genre of your choice.

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