Class of 2024

Baldwin appreciates the variety of after-school activities and trips students at EF Academy are offered, “Last week we went paintballing. And there are trips to universities or cities like Cambridge and Birmingham.” He also enjoys trips to adventure parks and the Harry Potter studios, “It’s a really fun and good way of adding leisure time after classes.”

Baldwin is also a Student Ambassador, “The Ambassador Program is the perfect opportunity to learn skills like leadership, communication, and project management. I’m very proud to be an Ambassador.” Baldwin and the other Ambassadors play a key role in making sure new students feel welcome by showing them around, getting them started for the school year, and being a point of connection. They also take on a year-long project in which they come up with an initiative they’re passionate about and want to implement on campus. Baldwin’s group successfully implemented a housing system, which encourages camaraderie and team spirit.

“Studying at EF Academy is like a home away from home. You get that family feeling, and you meet lots of friends.”

After a day of classes, Baldwin enjoys spending time in the student lounge, “We have a big TV with a PlayStation and a kitchen where we can cook special meals together. It’s an amazing and cozy room where we spend a lot of time.”

Let’s talk about your goals!

We look at way more than your transcript. It’s important for us to get to know you as a person: your strength and talents, what your goals are in life.