Is EF Academy Pasadena right for you? Let’s talk about your goals in life—not just your grades and test scores. It’s important for us to get to know you as a person.

Is EF Academy right for you?

To ensure your success at EF Academy, check out the following pre-requisites.

Ages 13 - 17

How to apply to EF Academy

Whether you're a student aspiring to broaden your horizons or a parent searching for an unparalleled educational journey for your child, follow the link below to view the steps to apply to EF Academy.

Affording an EF Academy Education

Families have the choice of three options: full boarding, weekly boarding, or being a traditional day student. Each option uniquely balances academic immersion and social activities in a safe and caring environment.

Take a virtual tour

Our new Pasadena campus was purposefully designed for immersion learning. We encourage families considering EF Academy for the 2024-25 school year to take the virtual tour.

We offer help obtaining a student visa, if you need one

You may need a student visa, depending on which country you’re from and which campus you choose. Our Enrollment Advisors maintain strong relationships with visa compliance officers at each campus. They can explain the visa process to you and your family, what information your will need to submit, and guide you through any necessary interview preparation.

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