"I am delighted to introduce you to EF Academy Pasadena, where our unique approach to the high school experience helps students discover their path to a successful and happy life."

Parents and educators of today's teens share the same hopes and fears.

We see how much the world is changing, requiring greater skills in communication, collaboration, and cross-cultural competency. We understand that advancements in technology come with both opportunities and challenges. We're mindful of teen physical and mental health and want to move toward wellness and self-efficacy. And we are painfully aware that while the world continues to change, traditional high school education has changed little!

At EF Academy Pasadena, we have truly dedicated ourselves to changing education for the better. We have created a whole world-class program that allows students to identify and channel their strengths as they grow crucial skills for university, career, and life. Our school is a place where every student is known, seen, and valued. As a community, we support students to investigate and discover the relationship between success and well-being. Because, ultimately, we share the same dreams for your children as you do—for them to have a successful and happy life.

As EF Academy’s Head of School, Dr. Sally Mingarelli has nearly 20 years of experience in building programs around student-centered, innovative teaching. She has led change initiatives over the last two decades to bring research-based, best practices in student-centered education into top schools, such as Webb, Punahou, and, Lakeside. She has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Colorado College, a master’s in physical chemistry with an emphasis on chemistry education from UC Berkeley, and an educational doctorate from University of Southern California in organizational change and leadership. 

Dr. Sally Mingarelli

Head of School, EF Academy Pasadena


Great teachers who are experts in their field

A great education always starts with great teachers. Over 90% of our faculty members have advanced degrees. Our teachers share their deep knowledge and real-world experience to inspire the best in you.