Mastery of skills, not memorization of facts

Here, you learn how to think—the real secret to success. All your courses are designed around the skills and knowledge you will need to flourish in life, not just facts and figures to pass the next test. Because it’s not the knowledge itself that’s important—it’s how you use it.

An important part of Philosophy class is challenging the student's ability to synthesize many different perspectives. While teachers of a more homogeneous student body need to spend time presenting varying viewpoints themselves, the students at EF Academy jump right into critical discussions. When studying medical ethics, for example, students pretend they are doctors & have to rank the principles of autonomy, beneficence, and justice. Due to their diversity, their lists are always in conflict. Not only that, due to their backgrounds our students differ vastly in their styles of reasoningwhat is known as their "geography of thought." In these productive discussions, you have the perfect recipe to reflect on the nature of knowledge and how humans know what we claim to know.

We only design classes that are skills-based

Every single class you take, whether that's English, Chemistry or Computer Science, is carefully designed so that you are gaining both knowledge in that subject and practical skills that you can use throughout your life. In the case of English, for example, you learn how to analyze a text using the core competency of critical thinking to determine whether what you're reading is based on fact or opinion.

You always produce evidence of what you've learned

Like real life, it's important to prove your understanding of a topic with concrete examples of how you've applied the knowledge. At EF Academy your grades will reflect the quality of your work and mastery of key skills, not just the average of the quizzes and tests you take. So get ready to complete assignments, collaborate on projects and create original works that solve real-world problems with practical solutions.

Strive toward mastery at a pace that's right for you

We recognize that every student learns differently. Some skills will come quite easily to you, others will be more of a challenge. At EF Academy, you get the time and space to master key skills in the order and pace that makes sense for your individual strengths and growth areas—all with continuous feedback and support. You only progress to the next challenge when you and your advisors agree you've mastered the last one.

How our Innovation & Impact Program empowers you to meet 21st-century challenges

All EF Academy students complete our signature Innovation & Impact Program in addition to their high school diploma. You choose one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, work in multicultural teams to come up with a game-changing solution, and build real prototypes in our Design or Science Lab to test your ideas—all while being mentored by teachers from the disciplines most able to help your idea become a success.

A recent Innovation & Impact project was by the Asé Sunscreen team who addressed UN Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water by partnering with on-campus scientists and an off-campus cosmetics factory to develop a reef-safe facial sunscreen to appeal to the Gen Z consumer.

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Great teachers who are experts in their field

A great education always starts with great teachers. Over 90% of our faculty members have advanced degrees. Our teachers share their deep knowledge and real-world experience to inspire the best in you.

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