Class of 2024

From the start of his time at EF Academy, Javier was able to customize his academic plan by exploring his interests, skills, and values. He’s been able to delve more deeply in these courses.

Javier has also been able to push his boundaries in creative thinking with his extracurriculars, “Drama club and Art club has helped me with developing my creativity and imagination.”

“The school experience is different here at EF Academy because we are learning not only with books or memorizing but seeing how it applies to the real world. We have a discussion about every topic and question of the day in all the classes, which helps me to understand topics more thoroughly.”

Although he is away from family, Javier has been able to mature not only as a student but also as a young adult, “I've finally learned how to do laundry.”

Let’s talk about your goals!

We look at way more than your transcript. It’s important for us to get to know you as a person: your strength and talents, what your goals are in life.