EF Academy Preparation Program

Every student is unique—that’s why every learning journey must be unique. We craft a custom pathway just for you based on your talents and strengths. We help you set personalized growth goals with your advisors and then develop a plan for achieving them with courses and co-curricular activities you actually care about.

Who is it for?
Students who want to improve their English before the school year starts!

Rising grade 9 and 10 students

Spring intake: 19 weeks / Summer intake: 8 weeks

Start dates
Spring intake: April / Summer intake: June

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What you’ll get

English skills to achieve full academic potential

Confidence, readiness, and familiarity for the start of the academic year

English support throughout the first academic year

Exploring New York City and learning outside the classroom

Upon completion of the EF Academy Preparation Program, students become part of our EAL (English as an Additional Language) program, where they continue to receive language support during their first year at EF Academy.

Elevate your English skills in an 8-week summer or 19-week spring program

Students starting 9th or 10th grade who don’t meet the standard English entry requirements have the unique opportunity to join EF Academy in either the spring for 19 weeks or summer for 8 weeks prior to the start of the academic year. Students will experience a significant improvement in their English skills, enabling them to start the academic year with confidence, readiness, and familiarity.

Their English development and support then continues throughout their first academic year. Students will earn academic credit at the same pace as their peers and will strengthen their English to the point that they can achieve their full academic potential for the remainder of their experience at EF Academy.

First-year courses like math, science, and history are taught by teachers who specialize in both language development and the subject matter. This ensures that students consistently improve both their linguistic and academic abilities in parallel.

What's included: meals, accommodation on campus, tutoring and necessary educational materials, and excursions and activities.

Academic and experiential learning

The curriculum is designed to provide students with a foundation for secondary-level academic study, regardless of the educational system they currently follow. Grouping is based on English level.

Students follow a varied schedule that includes taking core classes, engaging in project-based learning, attending clubs and school-wide activities, and participating in team-building sessions.

One day a week is dedicated to experiential learning off-campus, and on weekends, students explore New York City and enjoy other exciting activities with their peers. This diverse way of learning provides students with a strong foundation of both academic and social skills that will facilitate the transition to attending high school in an international setting.

Subject areas: English skills - listening, reading, speaking, writing, Language & Literature, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Art/Music.

Preparation Program Sample Schedule

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