The US High School Diploma

Unlock your true potential with an American high school qualification

The curriculum of US high school diplomas

The US High School Diploma follows an American-style curriculum that offers flexibility and breadth of subject options. This American qualification opens the doors to universities anywhere in North America and is widely recognized by international universities worldwide. Students build their own schedule from a range of required and elective courses. Courses are available at different difficulty levels, and your Pathway Manager will help you make a selection that match your learning level and interests.

At EF Academy, university advising and preparation for the SAT, ACT, TOEFL and IELTS are built into the US High School Diploma program. On successful completion of this program, graduates are awarded a US High School Diploma accredited by the State Department of Education.

The US High School Diploma is for you if:

  • You are interested in studying a wide range of subjects

  • You are most interested in attending university in the United States

  • You learn best when you have more flexibility to customize your courses

Build your own American high school diploma

Building your own schedule is a great way to customize your degree. Below is a sample of the courses available to US High School Diploma students at EF Academy. Download our curriculum to see the full list of courses on offer this year.

Customize your high school diploma in the US

The IB Diploma core components challenge students to apply their knowledge and skills beyond their courses of study.

Find the right program for you

US High School Diploma + AP Courses

Complement your US High School Diploma by taking your favorite subjects at a higher level. EF Academy Pasadena offers a selection of Advanced Placement (AP) Courses that can earn students US college credits and stand out in university applications

US High School Diploma + IB Courses

Students who wish to demonstrate a keen interest in certain subjects can add IB Courses to the US High School Diploma at EF Academy New York. With this combination, students receive IB certificates for each course completed and do not need to complete the IB Core.

High school diploma experiences at EF Academy's US schools

FAQ - US High School Diploma

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