The EF Academy Student Profile

Each trait of the EF Academy Student Profile forms an essential part of what we believe makes a well-rounded citizen prepared to thrive in a globalized, multicultural world.

Students are accepted to EF Academy based on the ideals of the EF Academy Student Profile: Learners, Leaders, Scholars and Global Citizens.


  • Thinks critically and asks questions to deepen understanding

  • Finds joy in learning new skills and information

  • Takes responsible risks to enhance learning

  • Learns both independently and in groups

  • Accepts, reflects on, and learns from mistakes


  • Accepts new responsibilities and challenges

  • Stands up for the dignity of others

  • Communicates with clarity

  • Endeavors to protect our planet

  • Inspires and collaborates with others


  • Engages with current events

  • Gathers and synthesizes information across a variety of media

  • Uses evolving technologies skillfully

  • Pursues their passions

  • Thinks both analytically and imaginatively

Global citizen

  • Considers alternative viewpoints

  • Discusses conflicting perspectives respectfully

  • Perseveres through challenges

  • Makes a positive difference in the world

  • Appreciates the interconnectedness of all peoples

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EF Academy 简介

EF Academy 提供转型性高中教育和寄宿项目,帮助学生追求卓越表现。与来自超过 75 个国家/地区的同学一起学习,积极迎接跨越国界的光明未来。