High school abroad

With high school campuses abroad in the US and UK, EF Academy opens a world of opportunities for students by providing them with a superior education abroad, thorough preparation for university and a future that knows no borders.

Our experiential learning philosophy is rooted in the belief that students learn better through immersion and hands-on activities that encourage inquiry and self-reflection. Together, our community of experienced educators, guidance counsellors, university advisors and residential staff create an inclusive, stimulating international high school experience in a modern campus environment.

What we offer at our high schools abroad

Gain access to the world's top universities with a reputable high school qualification. We offer the US High School Diploma, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and British A-Level programs because of their robust academic curricula, range of subject options and quality preparation for pursuing further studies at university.

Personalized university advising is built into every program at our international high schools to prepare students for success in the next big step in their lives. One-to-one meetings with a designated university advisor, application workshops, test preparation and interview coaching are part of what set EF Academy graduates apart when applying to university.

US High School Diploma

As the most popular high school qualification in the United States, the US High School Diploma offers the ideal preparation for students interested in applying to American universities. The program's flexibility and course options mean students can tailor the diploma to match their interests and ambitions.


1-4 year program

Ages 14-19 / Grades 9-12

Offered in: New York, Pasadena

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma

This internationally-recognized IB diploma is respected by universities worldwide as a rigorous high school qualification. Students study six subject at standard and higher level to build a diploma that highlights their strengths and puts internationalism at the core of the curriculum.


2-year program

Ages 16-19 / Grades 11-12

Offered in: New York, Pasadena,* Oxford, Torbay


The traditional British high school curriculum allows students to study a select few subjects at a high level. Students who want to attend university in the UK or have clear career aspirations from an early age choose A-Levels as a way to focus on their interests and develop in-depth subject knowledge.


2-year program

Ages 16-18 / Grades 11-12

Offered in: Oxford, Torbay

An inclusive high school campus abroad

Living and learning at an international secondary school abroad lets you discover not only the culture of the country in which you live, but also that of your peers from all around the world. Our welcoming campus community with highly trained faculty and staff provides students with a safe environment in which students can broaden their horizons, gain independence and become confident, globally-minded citizens. EF Academy offers:

Modern halls of residence

Spacious learning and recreational spaces

Student support network on campus and in your home country

Enriching clubs and activities

Through our program of co-curricular clubs and activities, international high school students at EF Academy can pursue their passions and explore new interests. From sports to STEM, the arts and community service opportunities, there's never a shortage of hands-on activities that engage with learning beyond the classroom.

  • 120+ clubs and activities

  • On-campus sports facilities

  • Weekly excursions and field trips

EF Academy high school campuses abroad

Our international schools in the US and UK welcome students from all over the world. While each campus has its own particular character, they share the same values and high standards of academic excellence.

Choose one of our campuses to continue exploring EF Academy.

FAQ — International high school abroad

Learning at an EF Academy sets students up for success at university and beyond by granting students access to enriching, internationally respected academic programs that challenge them to realize their potential and expand their worldview. Studying in an inclusive community with students from around the world, learning from highly qualified educators and being exposed to new and exciting opportunities are part of what makes the experience of studying at an international high school abroad a truly transformational one. The knowledge, skills and experiences EF Academy students gain have helped many of our alumni become confident, successful, worldly individuals.

When you live where you learn, your boarding school becomes your second home. Students at EF Academy have an entire community supporting their growth and achievements – from the admissions team in their home country to our campus body of teachers, guidance counsellors, residential staff, activities coordinators and friends from around the world. This family is at the core of what makes our high schools abroad welcoming, inclusive and easy to call home. The independence gained from living abroad imparts essential life skills including decision-making, interpersonal skills and self-care, giving students the autonomy and tools to lead their own lives and learn.

We offer the international high school experience at three schools in the US (Pasadena on the West Coast and New York on the East Coast) and in the UK (Oxford). Our campuses are all close to local amenities and public transport options, allowing students to venture out and explore in their free time.

Student safety, in every sense of the word, is our number one priority at EF Academy. Our international high school campuses are monitored 24/7 by a professional security team who supervise all movement coming in and going out of campus, as well as enforce campus rules. Live-in Residential Advisors share our residence halls with students to look after their living needs and teach students to care for themselves. In our Health Centers, teams of qualified nurses and mental health counsellors make sure our students stay physically and mentally healthy, and implement the school's hygience, health and safety protocols that allow us to respond effectively to illness and medical emergencies.

Like local secondary schools, our high schools abroad give students free time in the evenings and on weekends. Our activities coordinators plan a wide range of dynamic on-campus and off-campus activities that students can join to enhance their in-class learning, make the most of exploring living abroad or simply to have fun. Going to a Broadway musical, touring the University of Oxford or catching waves at one of LA's sandy beaches are some of the activities our students can enjoy. You can find out more about the activities offered at each of our high school campuses abroad by visiting our campus websites.

We don't expect you to be completely fluent in English, but we do require you to have enough of an understanding to be able to keep up with classes taught exclusively in English. We offer a 1- and 2-term bridge program on campus for students who want to strengthen their academic English skills before starting the school year. Our Admissions Consultants are also happy to provide you with information on English programs you can enroll in to prepare for your time at an EF Academy so please get in touch with them if you need more details.

EF Academy does not offer scholarships to study at our international high schools in the US and UK. However, our Enrollment Advisors will be happy to discuss your financial options and explain our payment plans to ensure a smooth process.

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