Class of 2024

Tilak wants to study artificial intelligence or computer science in the future, for which he has been building a solid foundation of knowledge at EF Academy.

“Studying here has been completely different because the teachers here involve students in an activity to apply what we've learned. Whereas, in my previous school, the teachers would teach from the text. This new way of learning has really uplifted my knowledge of computer science and artificial intelligence.”

“Today, I'm the project manager of my Innovation & Impact group, and we are creating a car battery that is affordable, sustainable, and biodegradable where I can.”

The campus provides him with various learning opportunities that will help him on his path to university, such as the Robotics Club and STEAM Club. Tilak has been getting a lot of guidance from his advisors for university preparation and feels he now knows everything to make a decision and apply. Not only does Tilak enjoy the academic approach, he loves that he gets to socialize with so many different people every day. At home, he didn't use English as much, but it's become natural for him from being on campus.

Let’s talk about your goals!

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