Boarding schools in the United States

Achieve your full potential at a boarding school in the USA. With modern campuses, expert teachers and classmates from 60+ countries, an EF Academy education prepares students for a truly global future. Our internationally recognized diplomas, personalized university guidance and comprehensive co-curricular program provide students with a transformational boarding school experience in the USA.

EF Academy boarding schools in the USA

We take a holistic approach to learning, developing students' academic and personal growth through hands-on learning opportunities and intercultural experiences. Our highly qualified educators, university advisors, residential staff and diverse student body create a modern American high school experience on two safe, stimulating campuses in New York and Pasadena.

International schools prepare for university

Stand out among university applicants with a world-class qualification from a boarding school in the US. We offer the US High School Diploma and International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programs because of their respected academic standing, breadth of subject choices and strong foundations for applying to university.

Our unique guidance system provides students with one-to-one academic support, course planning and a university preparation program that begins as soon as you enroll at one of our boarding schools in America. This personalized approach to learning includes meeting with experienced university advisors, test preparation sessions and interview coaching that ensures every student approaches their university applications with confidence.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma

This internationally-recognized diploma is respected by universities worldwide as a rigorous high school qualification. Students study six subject at standard and higher level to build a diploma that highlights their strengths and puts internationalism at the core of the curriculum.

US High School Diploma

As the most popular high school qualification in the United States, the US High School Diploma offers the ideal preparation for students interested in applying to American universities. The program's flexibility and course options mean students can tailor the diploma to match their interests and ambitions.

Our US boarding school campuses

At our boarding schools in the US, students experience American culture while also exploring the cultures of their international friends. Our caring residential team, health staff and activities coordinators ensure our campuses provide the ideal setting for students to gain independence, expand their world views and become responsible global citizens in a safe environment.

  • Modern halls of residence

  • Spacious classrooms and leisure spaces

  • Student support network on campus and in your home country

Clubs, activities and excursions

One of the advantages of going to boarding school in the USA is the time built in for co-curricular activities. Whether you want to pursue interests like STEM and the arts, or find new passions through sports or community service, our extensive offering of activities and excursions provides ample opportunities for trying something new and making the most of student life in the USA.

  • 120+ clubs and activities

  • On-campus sports facilities

  • Weekly excursions and field trips

EF Academy private schools in USA

Our international boarding schools in the United States welcome students from all over the world. With East Coast and West Coast locations, each campus has a distinct local feel but embraces the same commitment to quality education and intercultural exchange.

Choose a boarding school campus to continue exploring EF Academy.

The benefits of boarding schools in the United States

Attending a boarding school in the US comes with the added benefit of gaining exposure to American universities and career opportunities. At EF Academy, we provide the focused environment, individualized support and global network that set students on the path to succeed at university and beyond.

Boarding school experiences at EF Academy

FAQ – Boarding school in the United States

Confidence, independence, resilience, time-management, intercultural competency - these are just a few of the countless skills gained from at an international boarding school in the US, especially in high school. At EF Academy, students from over 30+ countries live and learn together in small, discussion-based classes. Learning is taken beyond the classroom through experiential opportunities that help you understand subject material on a deeper level. And, with 24/7 personalized support and guidance on campus, you can create a home away from home and learn in a safe, structured community.

There are many touchpoints for support and guidance at our boarding schools in the US. Admissions Consultants walk families through the program and campus selection process. Pathway Managers monitor each student’s progress, both academically and personally. Residential Advisors help students get acclimated to living independently at boarding school. Teachers support students in class and during office hours and tutoring sessions. University advisors guide students with their university applications. This 360 support system means that students (and parents) always have someone to turn to whenever they need support.

Planning for university admission is an essential part of the academic programs at our boarding schools in the US. Our experienced university advisor helps every student outline their goals for the school year and works together with them to prepare strong applications. Through regular one-to-one meetings with an advisor, workshops throughout the year and university visits, EF Academy students build personalized university roadmaps that guide their studies and set them on the path towards finding – and reaching – their dream university.

At a boarding school, where students live and study, it is important that everyone feels safe and at home. Residential Advisors (RAs) live in the residences alongside students and provide 24/7 support and supervision. Students report to their RA each morning before going to class and each evening before going to bed. In addition to evening study hall and tutoring, the Residential Life team incorporates regular activities to foster a strong feeling of community within our boarding schools in the US.

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