Personalized education—one size never fits all

Every student is unique—that’s why every learning journey must be unique. Whether you choose the IB Diploma Programme or the A-Levels Program, we craft a custom pathway just for you, based on your talents and strengths. We help you set personalized growth goals, then develop a plan for achieving them with courses and co-curricular activities you actually care about.

Focus on what you're good at

Noah joined EF Academy in 2021 with an interest in gaming and communications. While Noah's journey to attain the IB Diploma wasn't without its challenges, his story is one of growth and success. Recognizing the hurdles he faced, his Pathway Manager collaborated with subject teachers and Noah’s Academic Tutor to forge a tailored plan, aligning his Pathway journey with his passion. With this personalized support, Noah committed to additional sessions in business, biology, and math. Noah's perseverance, coupled with his teachers' support, paid off. He not only passed his courses, but he was accepted into one of the top universities in the Netherlands, where he is majoring in International Communications.

Your pathway journey starts before you arrive

You meet your Pathway Manager before even coming to campus. They get to know you, go over your dreams and aspirations, help you design a plan, and advise on which classes you should be taking and which skills you should be developing to achieve your ultimate goals.

Continuous support to help you thrive

We know that sometimes, not everything goes exactly as planned. Therefore, intense individual support is provided throughout your academic journey so that you will succeed in university, career, and life. We continually check in with you to ensure that we can provide the right guidance for you to thrive.

Your personal growth is 24/7

Research shows that one of the most important keys to happiness and well-being is building meaningful relationships. That’s why campus life is so important to your education—from the classes you take and the sports, clubs, and activities you join to the discussions you have with your House Parent or Pathway Manager. We help you reflect on and grow from these experiences so you can develop the communication, self-awareness, and empathy essential to strong and lasting relationships.


Mastery of skills, not memorization of facts

Here you learn how to think—the real secret to success. All your courses are designed around the skills and knowledge you will need to flourish in life, not just facts and figures to pass the next test.

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