Class of 2024

Olivia came to EF Academy Pasadena from Norway to pursue her great passion for studying abroad. Coming from Norway, the warm Californian climate also tempted her, as well as the desire to be involved in a more international community. Engaged in the student community on campus, Olivia played an important role during the official inauguration of the school, where she gave a speech in front of her peers, staff and wider community.

When considering the main difference between EF Academy and her previous school, Olivia is quick to mention the grading system and the learning environment, “Here at EF Academy, we have something called Competency Based Learning, which makes it easier for students to improve throughout the year.” She also emphasizes the value of interactions in the classroom, and how comfortable the learning environment is because of the small class sizes, “which makes it much easier to communicate with both the teacher and the other students.”

"I feel very inspired by being here."

Another big difference to her previous educational experiences is the international community at EF Academy, “I feel very inspired by being here because I get to learn something new jut by talking to people and learning about their cultures and backgrounds.”

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