Where you can be you: your home away from home

Our welcoming campus community empowers you to come as you are and become who you want to be. Together, we create an inclusive environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging. Sharing everyday life—studying, eating, rooming, exploring, hanging out—is a priceless life-preparing experience.

You will be matched with roommates from different countries. Together, you find common ground by sharing your cultures. The diversity of your dorm isn’t just about passports but also about personal expression. It’s impossible to feel alone because you’ll always find someone to connect with!

Together, our differences become our superpower

We are deeply committed to creating a vibrant campus community—students, faculty, and staff—that reflects the rich diversity of our world and where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. Whoever you are, whatever makes you unique, whatever you are passionate about—we welcome you!

We practice healthy habits and mindsets

Wellness is a big focus here at EF Academy Pasadena. That all starts with two semesters of Health and Wellness, where you learn self-care basics: establishing positive habits around study, sleep, and diet. We help you find ways of reducing stress and anxiety through mindfulness practices that work for you. You also take two semesters of Physical Education to ensure you’re as fit in body as you are in mind and spirit!

We share the responsibility of giving back to the planet

We embrace environmental sustainability in our daily lives on campus, reducing emissions by eliminating waste and single-use plastics in our operations. We also make sustainability a pillar of our Innovation & Impact Program, where every student must contribute to a project with real impact that meets one or more of the UN Sustainability Goals. As an organization, EF also invests in climate protection through the EF Forest Initiative, which has resulted in the planting of 9 million mangrove trees in East Africa to date.

Learn more about EF Impact

Changing education for the better

As soon as you step foot on campus, you feel the buzz of people committed to the shared work of changing education for the better. Our faculty and staff are courageous innovators, bringing the very best of student-centered education to life each day. Our adults model the bravery to try and fail, to learn from mistakes, and to stay curious about growth. Our students emulate that model by embracing the unique opportunity of an EF Academy education.


A truly global school: classmates from 30+ nationalities

Few other schools can match the “mini-UN” vibe of an EF Academy campus. Virtually every class, activity, and event becomes “global studies".

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